"As much light as I have inside me, there`s just as much darkness, I`m afraid. There`s a polarity, and I still have demons to work out"

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[ out of character]
It is either other’s thoughts on the other and legit it makes me cry! Fenrir just wants her to be innocent and happy again!
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Lithe fingers curled tightly in folds of cloth that encircled her fair shape in it’s entirety. As if their very threads could keep her grounded, keep her there. “I…” She stammered, unwilling to continue. Their relationship had always been more than words and the arm she extended from beneath the cover of her eerie black cloak trembled, but surely found it’s mark on the wolf-man’s cheek. A thousand languages in her head and in a million years, she couldn’t concoct the string of words she needed to let him know. Only her amber eyes even came close. She was sorry. And she was so fearful of losing him.

He waited in something close to..anticipation? Truthfully he was not sure what state he was left in when waiting for his dear sister. No further words he could say to or for her and it only gave him time for his mind to wonder. Never for long though as her thin fingers touched his skin - cold fingertips tracing along his cheek and Fenrir could sob , could weep at his sisters feet. He didn’t want to look at her eyes for he did not know what awaited him , whether she would turn him away again. So instead he did not look at her , but merely let his head fall and press for-ward , forehead against her chest and eyes closing….

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She was innocent once, and it kills me that she can never be innocent again.

Theseus Cassio Lowood

- Anna Dressed in Blood

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I legit want to follow a Legolas or Thranduil…or anyone for that matter from that universe!

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"You’re such a teaser…are you sure you’re not Greek or a descendant from Zeus?" she asked  " I hope Aphrodite doesn’t hear you she’s quite.. child like if someone compete with her beauty— You don’t want her to make me some kind of sea weed. Right?"

I can assure you the one thing I am certain of is my pedigree. Perhaps yes, somewhat of a dog joke at his own expense…but Fenrir /was/ born wolf, not man. The skin he wore now was nothing but a disguise. And such a tragedy if such were to happen. But why should your goddess care? Why…I am nothing more than just an animal.