"As much light as I have inside me, there`s just as much darkness, I`m afraid. There`s a polarity, and I still have demons to work out"

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  There was a little sound the came from her almost a huff of discomfort but, it was just her tongue clenching against her teeth  ”I’m not a goddess…I am half mortal but that doesn’t made me a goddess unlike Gods, I can die" she leaned forward a half smile upon her lips. There’s nothing wrong in teasing him a little just for fun, dark orbs contemplated him with intensity "You seek enlightenment.. of my turns on?" Her words were whispers of lust and desire, whisper that hide many secrets, a soft voice that can seduce any woman or man of her choice. A voice that was as dangerous as a siren song "Ow my dear, there’re so many things— Blood, war, destruction and creation. Hands strong enough to tame me, to make me scream with pleasure.  Eyes that can make me shiver… but so far I haven’t met no one who can do that." She said, taking again her initial posture.    

What a clever creature - her ability to keep up with his teasing entertaining. How did they say it? Giving as good as she got…perhaps even a fraction better. What a tragedy, goddess. Still his lips curved and caressed the word while lupine eyes regarded just as much as she did him. Bite your tongue before you continue to lecture me. I do not call you such because of your half blood, but instead for beauty to rival that of goddesses.” A sharp little tongue he had with words each almost hand-picked for a purpose. Odd though to hear a wolf purr instead of growl.


Alright..so my mom has gotten engaged to a man who is really nice. And don’t get me wrong I really like him and his place and we are in the process of moving in with him…but I am almost hesitant? My mom is already out there, so that just leaves me. I am still here at my grandmothers house, where I have lived in since I was four. I grew up here. In this neighborhood and house and I always wanted to live in the country with my horse at MY place…but now that I am getting it..I am not sure. I think a big thing was I and he not seeing eye-to-eye on college….I have a plan. It is to take my core classes at my community for two years then transfer to Academy of Art in California for theater because I love and enjoy it. He kept warning me that California wasn’t good - that everyone went there and ended up hating it. But..I am not going there FOR California, but for the school, which so happens to be in California. I have looked at this school for nearly three years and went to one of it’s open houses they brought down to Austin TX. And he was talking about getting me a job which pays 5000 a month (which I really appreciate) but then going to school in like structure design or something and I feel like he didn’t hear me at all that I want to go for THEATER. The entire conversation that night felt like someone took a hammer to my hopes and dreams - something I have had planned for the last year and I just don’t know what to do or think. There is a part of me that almost just wants to stay here…

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"Really…So in your realm valued more the strength than the gift you posses" she stare at him, dark eyes valuing him "That’s so stupid, they can combined both and have a huge force of destruction" The mention he was not a man but actually a wolf make her smile is nothing rare to see, some of her half brothers were also beats. "so you’re huge… like pretty big, you can eat the sun… I imagine Helios won’t be happy to hear that" chuckles " I don’t know why but that just turn me on" it was a half true, well it was true but she wanted to joke about the subject.
                  “Your realm sounds very interesting.. will you show me one day how it is”

He found himself chuckling - grinning alongside her as she seemed to tease about..his size? Or was it him devouring the sun? Perhaps he needed a better outlook on the day that was to be his own death as well that of Odin’s. The grin remains but it is sub-dued. Smaller and almost sad. If only I could promise such a possibility. But my return to Asgard would not be be met as a welcome - they do not even know I no longer reside bound. No. They were over-confiudent fools who would assume him to be stuck there forever, until maybe the wolf would finally use up his life. He hid as a man. But it was never mine. Only a place my family once lusted to live. Though perhaps one day such a thing will not be such an impossible task. The realm is truly beautiful. But…enlighten me - what else turns you on, goddess?How quick the son of a trickster could change - teeth bared in a grin of mischief.


Despite herself, Hel swallowed back a weary sigh as she wandered towards her brother. Before he could so much as blink, she stood before him, an uncertainty tainted her otherwise unwavering composure, “Hello.” She said softly, feeling almost as if the word alone might make him hate her. They hadn’t seen each other since… Even the love of siblings couldn’t wash those memories away.

How could he ever deny his blood? Deny her? But still the great wolf-turned-man seemed to hold himself tense - unable to meet her eyes as she merely came closer. Whispering out a greeting and perhaps Fenrir might break. Every memory was pain and screams as he slammed fists against a door with her on the other side. Of being denied to often his sister as she clung to him if only to push him away later. Protecting him and he spat the words, because she would and could not see the damage she did more so in her ‘protection’. Perhaps it was his turn? But to deny her completely. Even he knew it was a lie as golden eyes would finally look to her. Hel


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