"As much light as I have inside me, there`s just as much darkness, I`m afraid. There`s a polarity, and I still have demons to work out"

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I saw your post asking for who all wants to keep things cause you're trying to get back into playing here but does this mean you're also open to new plots and partners? >.< [doesn't wanna overwhelm you if you're trying to get things going again slowly]
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Although I am getting things back slowly I am open for new plots and partners : ) So if you have anything in mind or want to discuss a plot let me know!
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you KNOW I will never be able to replace their relationship and I have a reply sitting in my drafts for you!!

@fracturedxinnocence said: PLOT WITH ME BBY

damned - and here Elijah thought he would finally get some peace from Ana haha but yes we should!

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So who would like to actually continue any threads we had before? I need to know because besides a few, I am most likely going to start over on his threads and verses.
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